Eye of the Beholder II AGA MULTILANGUAGE

Eye of the Beholder II came out for Amiga in 1991 and it was a landmark among the action rpgs of its time.
Sadly it never was converted to AGA chipset and its localizations were limited.

AGF team proudly meets that need with the release in 2007 of a new version of the game, using gorgeous 256 colors graphic, from the VGA version, along with 5 languages localization and the nice new entry of a in-game map completed of cheat code!

For the hardcore retrogamers even the ECS version has been patched with the localizations, but it lacks the map mode still.

The package is intended to be played from your hard disk installation, you can install it on top of your old installation, even better if you play it through WHDload and let it handle the dependancies.
This AGF version make use of the westwoodtool.library, invented for the purpose of this project by CFOU! and it uses also lowlevel and diskfont libraries, available at aminet.

I point you to the docs inside the package for the install info and requirements.
While the screenshots you see here are taken while playing the italian version, all the 5 localizations: English, French, German, Italian and Polish are present in the same package, you simply switch on the fly from one to another, by changing 2 letters in a language selector document.
In the package there is also a credits document, with the list of the persons, too many to be listed here, that have given their help to this project.

Here you go again a-plumbin' in the sewers beneath Waterdeep, the pay is low and the risks are high, so you embrace your trusty mop and advance in the dim light.
The game works flawlessly on WinUAE, provided that your Workbench don't uses ScalOS, that causes some graphic glitch.

If you find yourself lost in the bowels of Waterdeep, AGF comes to your help! As a separate download here, you find in fact the amigaguide version, compiled by mrodfr, of the walkthrough of the game, completed of the solution for the 12 special quest of the game.

If you are still in need of help to beat the Beholder, or you spot a hidden bug, or even you just need to send chocolate pudding to AGF, please write us a line in the forum!

This is it!
As an added info, know that parallel to this big AGF project, other interesting tinkering have been made on the Eye of the Beholder theme, like a very impressive conversion to Commodore 64, by JackAsser; of this and of the others, you can know more on AGF and on the eobwiki



Eye of the Beholder - ECS version

Eye of the Beholder - AGA version

Amigaguide: Eye of the Beholder solution - 527KB

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