Welcome to AGF, the Amiga Game Factory, where in the modern day new games for your Amiga are developed by the merry group of people at EAB, the English Amiga Board.
This NO PROFIT initiative has been desired and discussed for years on abime.net forum; finally, it started its active duty in the middle of 2006, the goal being to tweak up old amiga games with the cool feature that disappointedly did not find their way in when the games were released, assemble a group of people able to wrap around the game making process and hopefully, bring new games in being!

The magic is already on!

Thanks to abime.net hosting this project, we are tinkering new retro games at EAB forum, of which the resume you can find here, and already whole games are in their final status!
Check them all on this site, and please drop a line with your comments and or appreciation at the guys working on them.

Thanks for your visit, enjoy your time with us!

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